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October-11-2012 Halloween

With the Halloween holiday coming up, people are eager to choose suitable costumes. So what are the Halloween costume trends of 2012? Is it still Angry Birds or Smurfs like last year? What store brings the best costumes at the most affordable prices to customers? Let’s take a quick glance at some online stores to find the trends this year!

1. Superheroes from The Avengers

With the success of the movie The Avengers, dressing up as Marvel superheroes and heroines is supposed to be popular this Halloween. With Costume Craze costumes, boys will at once become the Hulk with his green skin and ragged pants or Iron Man with his fashionable ensemble or Hawkeye with his bow and arrow and black outfit. As Black Widow, girls can be sexy and mysterious.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga never stops making fans crazy! Her extraordinary style is extremely suitable for Halloween. Like last year, she remains popular on the list of favorite Halloween costumes for 2012. Lady Gaga costumes are for sale on Costume Craze, Buy Costumes or Spirit Halloween.

3. Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

With the upcoming Presidential election, two famous main characters are popular choices for this Halloween. Dress up as talented politicians with the mask of Obama or his opponent Romney, at great low prices on the site Buycostumes.com. While wandering the streets on the last night of October, you can campaign for your favorite candidate.

4. Batman

The Dark Knight Rises has brought Batman back to popularity. A lot of Batmen and Catwomen are likely to be spotted at adult parties. Adults can find those costumes at Buy Costumes. The Batman costume includes a spandex jumpsuit, molded chest piece, belt, cape, gloves, headpiece and boot tops. Perfect for Batman! The online shop Buy Costumes also provides a Catwoman costume for adult females who love to be sexy and secretive. Furthermore, when buying at this store, customers can save money with Buy Costumes Coupon Code.

5. Bella or Edward from the Twilight saga

Just use make-up for pale ashen skin and red eyes, then add fake plastic teeth to easily transform into these famous vampires! Furthermore, as modern vampires, you can be free to dress up in any clothing you want. This Halloween, Costume Craze offers a wig at $10.00, a sale of 30% off, to help you capture the eternal beauty of Edward Cullen. You can also find more deals and Costume Craze Coupon at couponcode2017.net

6. Angry Birds

These cute birds were out last Halloween and remain popular on this season. Put on the clothing of red, yellow or white birds or green pigs, and boys and girls easily become outstanding characters. Is doesn’t get any easier than that!

7. The Hunger Games

With a very simple outfit, it’s easy to dress up as characters in The Hunger Games movie. You can find a bow and arrow set at $8.79 or combat boots at $54.99 at Buy Costumes or a jacket for $49.99 at Spirit Halloween. Remember to braid your hair for the perfect image! Halloween is not perfect without special costumes. I hope that you have found your costume ideas for this Halloween! Wishing you a scary and horrible Halloween!

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