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January-02-2013 Home improvement

Your home is where you enjoy life with people you love; it greatly affects your well-being. Therefore, you should decorate it with the help of these creative tips. Your rooms are ready to have a new cozy look this winter, and below are some feasible ideas for stylish, space-saving, and affordable decoration.

1.      Paint a Focal Wall

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest decor ideas. For example, to create a cozy look for your living room, you can consider painting the focal wall with a cozy shade of red, orange, or yellow. This will make your living room look warmer and more spacious. And why not use it as the inspiration for the style of the entire room? You can apply tones and layers; for example, you can paint the side walls a slightly lighter or darker shade than the primary wall. An orange primary wall with orange pillows on your couch would definitely create a cozy living room this winter. This color co-ordination will bring the harmony to the room. You can shop at Kohl's for home wall decorations (for savings, get Kohls Promo Codes).

2.      Add Wall Shelves

This winter wall shelves are one of the must-haves in any room for two reasons. First, in winter, the humidity is usually low and there is more dust, so keeping as many items off the floor as possible will allow you clean more easily. Wall shelving is also an efficient way to make a room tidy and spacious; you can also utilize the corners with decorative corner shelves. Additionally, an open shelf for showpieces will create a beautiful, warm, and inviting theme for your room. For example, a wall-to-wall book shelf will deliver a sophisticated and classic look to your room. Shelves with clean and simple lines are the best choice because they not only save space but also look luxurious. Visit Home Depot to select the perfect shelf designs and get a Home Depot promo code to save on your order!


3.      Add Room Dividers

Dividers can separate different spaces that are used for separate purposes and still keep your rooms airy. If you feel that your see-through room is boring and cold in winter, now is the time to buy room dividers and screens. They will create neat little spaces, bring more aspects to your house, and hence make your rooms more interesting. Furthermore, they are light so you can carry them easily; therefore, they will not obstruct your cleaning. You can also make them more beautiful by decorating them with photos and accessories. You can get the cheapest price with a Best Buy promo code.


4.      Give Old Items New Dresses

After preparing the big decorative items above, you can start decorating existing items and details (drapes, pillows, bed skirts, chair covers, etc.) by changing the fabric and color. For example, give throw pillows new cozy covers, tie a bow around them, wrap bows around dining room chairs, or paint the frames of mirrors and pictures with warm colors you like. Wool, cashmere, silk, flannel, and fleece are the warmest fabrics to choose. Elegance and luxury are affordable if you dress up existing items, and you can save a lot of money by sewing them with fabrics you love from big retailers. Choose the best promotion with a Target coupon code or Overstock promo code! Remember to be consistent with the style of the whole room!

5.      Add More Accessories and Elements

Don’t skip small details when decorating your home as they are both cheap and efficient at refreshing your home. Candle holders with candles provide a great sense of warmth. Accessories in red tones also improve the coziness of your room. Sparkling accessories and accents in reflective tones will definitely light up the space.

Natural elements like plants and blooming flowers are ideal for a vital and inviting room. Especially in cheerless winter, everyone will feel relaxed and pleased to see them. That’s easy; you can even get them from your garden. Why not try it now? Now you have cool decorating ideas for winter; let’s do them now!

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