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January-17-2013 Valentine's Day

Ten Ways to Propose on Valentines Day

Geralt via Public Domain

To some, this is the most romantic day of the year and many are planning how to show their spouse that they really care. Many a men will want to get down on one knee and profess their love as they ask for her hand in marriage. Even though getting down on one knee can be romantic bur it's kinda old. The old hide the ring on the desert or drop it in the champagne flute can also be dangerous as many women have choked that way. So here goes with some very safe and romantic suggestions. Proposing with a difference will take a lot of planning and some brain work as you figure how to execute it flawlessly. Of course certain things need to be taken into consideration, like where they work, what time they will be at home, can they come for lunch, all of these things. You need to know where your spouse will be and what they will be doing especially if you plan to propose during working hours. We will start with the morning and end with the evening proposal.

  1. This idea is for those that live together or plan to spend the night before Valentine's day together. Of course this can also work if you spend Valentine's night together. You would have already picked out your ring. Make sure you awaken before him/her and sneakily place the ring on his/her finger without waking him/her. Don't be too impatient about them waking up, the look on their face when they discover the ring will be priceless!
  2. Offer to make breakfast. This works best if they are having breakfast in bed but will also work fairly well at the table. Cover the plate with one of those nice food covers, you know the ones they use in the hotels. You would have placed the ring on the breakfast plate instead of the actual breakfast. So as they lift the cover their eyes will dazzle at the site of the beautiful ring! I guarantee you wont need any breakfast there.
  3. How about driving them to work? This one needs preplanning and of course the help of maybe a traffic policeman. Make sure you drive through an intersection where there are traffic lights. You also have to make sure that the light turns red right when you reach it, so you have to stop. It takes a bit of timing. If there is a policeman there just let him know what you are doing so he can help you by halting the traffic four ways. You go into the middle of the intersection where everyone can see you, get down on one knee, pull the ring out and present to a shocked fiance!
  4. If you didn't get a chance to one of the three above, don't worry, just send a package with the ring to his/her office. Make sure to use a good delivery service that will make sure she gets it hand delivered. When she opens the large enveloped there will be a card and taped to the inside of the card will be the ring along with the proposal note. Don't send the ring in the box, that's a dead giveaway. She will have a card to keep for remembrance.
  5. Take her for a stroll in the park. You must prearrange for some kids to hold four signs. Each of them will hold one word each; "will", "you", "marry" and "me". You can have a fifth child hold their name as well to make it clear that he/she is the one you are proposing to. Don't use strange kids. Use some kids of your friends and ask their parents permission, oh, and don't forget to yip them or buy them some ice cream!Ways to Propose on Valentines Day Nemo via Public Domain
  6. You can very well have a simple canvas sign made and displayed across the entrance of their lunch spot so when you take them to lunch they will see it.
  7. Do you have a child? I you do, this is the perfect opportunity to show unity by letting the child ask him/her to marry you. Nothing is more touching than when a child shows how much they care about the incoming spouse. This can be done at anytime.
  8. Are you planning on spending the day together, like on the beach? How about taking them scuba diving? Hiding a "treasure" undersea and making sure they find it? Arrange for an undersea treasure hunt. You must also display the words "will you be mine" or something like that at the entrance of the sunken boat/wreckage.
  9. If you are one who likes cliches and the usual dinner and a proposal maybe proposing in the restaurant is what you need. Don't hide the ring in the champagne or cake. Have the waiter serve the ring on a platter instead. You can also stick the ring in a rose bud and hand her the rose. As she looks at it the ring will make her eyes pop!
  10. There are so many ways to propose that I had to think of the most original ways. So here is the final tip. (a) If you are not a church person then see part "b". As you finish your dinner and on the way home make sure to drive past a church. You must know the church and if the doors will be opened at that hour. Take her into the church and before God do the proposing right there. It would be extra special if you could get married in that very church. (b) so you aren't into churches, no problem. Have you favorite night program do it for you. Have them play his/her favorite love song and then have the presenter ask him/her the question. Now you must make sure to have them in the car or at home when this happens so they are sure to hear it.

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