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November-06-2012 Fashion

Fall has come! Everyone is going shopping for trendy fall clothing. And you obviously don’t want to be an out-of-fashion woman, do you?  So why not update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends this fall?

1.      Scarves

Scarves are always an essential item of clothing for women in fall. They not only help you mix clothes effectively, but also help you protect your neck against the cooler fall weather.  However, it’s not always easy to choose a suitable scarf for this fall, as there are a various types of scarves. For example, in terms of material, scarves have varied from silk and polyester to acrylic and wool, among many others. Therefore, some good advice is to buy scarves according to weather. For instance, in cool weather, silk and polyester scarves are proper choices, while wool ones, which are popularly offered at Urban Outfitters, are suitable for cold weather.

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

2.      Sweaters  Sweaters are always one of the must-have fall items in any woman's closet. With their various fashionable designs, women are always “in love with sweaters” in fall. And among the many types of sweaters, cardigans and pullovers with geometric and animal patterns have won the hearts of many women this fall. Besides, you can choose sweaters according to your style. If you love simple clothing, select solid and sweet sweaters from store such as 6pm or Old Navy; otherwise, you can choose the premium and luxurious sweaters of Gap or Express!

Source: 6pm.com

3.      Coats and Jackets A good coat or jacket will set you in good stead this fall and winter. Not only does it provide you with a fashionable look, but it also keeps your body warm, especially during extreme cold spells. This fall we have welcomed trendy leather trench coats and jackets in black, white, oxblood, red, and denim. Thus, a leather trench coat in the military style should be on your list of fall must-have clothing!

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

4.      Dresses One of the most popular clothing items for any woman is a dress as it shows her feminine side.  Lace dresses have continued holding the top position of favorite apparel for women this fall. Leather, metallic and thick cotton dresses with cut-outs in black, white, oxblood, and red are also in vogue. Metallic dresses will always help you shine at parties and events, and remember to wear metallic shoes, clutches and accessories for the perfect ensemble! On the other hand, leather dresses provide you a retro look, and you should wear them with boots for a perfect image! You can find a range of elegant leather, lace, or thick cotton dresses at Urban Outfitters, or you can buy luxurious metallic dresses at Express.

Source: express.com

5.      Pants Fashion trends may change, but pants never lose their exclusive position in the fashion industry. Thanks to their easy-match feature, pants are always on women’s must-have lists for fall clothes. There are many colors of pants for you to choose from in this fall. Besides original black pants, you can diversify your wardrobe with pastel, color block, and especially “huge” color pants such as oxblood, red, green, and cobalt. And you can find such pants at Gap and Old Navy. If you are worried about the price of clothes at these stores, consider using Gap Promo Code and Old Navy Promo Code to save on your purchases!

Source: gap.com

6.      BootsFashionable clothing will not be complete without attractive footwear. When it comes to footwear, boots will be the most wanted item this fall. This year, the military style is becoming the hottest trend in boots. Otherwise, you can choose flat leather boots or retro high-heeled ankle boots for fashionable outfits. You also can consider leather boots with metal details from 6pm.

Source: 6pm.com

You have had in your hand must-have clothing items for this fall. Why not go shopping now?

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