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August-30-2013 Fashion

Gorgeous patterns of all varieties were all the rage last year. But this year has taken a drastic turn in another direction (which isn’t a bad thing!). In fact, we’re downright positive and you will find a style that drives you crazy. Check out these 4 hot fall fashion trends for 2013 and see which look you’ll be sporting come this next weather change.

1. Leather Knee Boots & Combat Boots

Boots are almost always a fall favorite, but in the last few years, it has been all about fur boots and ankle booties. What happened to those classy leather boots that cut off just below the knee? If you were starting to worry these sensational boots would never make a huge comeback, think again. They are back for 2013 with a vengeance. This year leather boots are all the rage, and the higher they come up the leg, the better. Perfect example?

These gorgeous boots from Famous Footwear.

 Fall Trends: Famous Footwear Boots

Only $89.99! (Even cheaper when you use Famous Footwear Coupon Codes). Not your style? Don’t fret! Combat boots are also heavily trendy this year, and look great with a punk or military style (which just so happens to be a fall favorite).

Fall Trends: Famous Footwear Combat Boots

 2. Pastels

Did you fall head over heels for pastels during the summertime? Yeah, we did too. That’s why we are oh-so-happy to inform you that pastels continue with their rising popularity into the fall season too. Pastels can be worn pretty much in any situation, with any item of clothing. Wear a pastel long-sleeved shirt or blazer to combat the cold, throw on a pair of pastel colored boots for a really dazzling appearance, or zip up into your favorite pastel skinny jeans for a rockstar inspired look that sizzles.

This lovely blazer from Torrid is a perfect example of pastel done right, and for only $58.50 it’s a steal (you can spend even less with Torrid coupons)!

 3. Oversized Coats

Just as boots got higher this year, jackets got longer. Wearing long, oversized coats is the name of the game for fall 2013. It’s a part of the ‘man-inspired’ look in which women have completely taken over, and we’re doing one heck of a job at it. Take a peek at this gorgeous coat from Amazon.

Fall Trends:Oversized Coats

It comes in a few accenting colors that have ‘fall’ written all over them. Right now you can get it for only $56.21, and when you use Amazon coupon codes the savings are even greater.

 4. Skinny Jeans

            Skinny jeans have returned for the year 2013, and nobodies complaining. Skinny jeans, although sometimes maybe a hassle to get into, are obviously one of the cutest styles in the fashion industry. Slipping into a pair of skinny jeans can make any woman feel like the slender rockstar she really is. Dark washes, light washes, and everything in between are totally in style and you simply can’t go wrong with a pair of skinnies. Check out these sexy skinnies from Kohl’s.

They are less than $20 and with  Kohls promo codes you can stock up on all your favorite skinny jeans for less.


What is your favorite look for fall?

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