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July-26-2012 Fashion

Fall isn’t far away and out of the corner of your eye you can catch a glimpse of what you’ll be wearing in the coming season, and it isnt good. The same coat, the same boots, and the same sweater you’ve been wearing every fall, for years. What happened to the golden days, when every summer your parents would take you shopping for a whole new wardrobe to start your school year off well? It seems like ever since graduation day, our wardrobes have ceased to grow and for some, to even exist. Everything is either too expensive, or well... too expensive and by now you’re far too old to ask your parents for money. Shopping for your sweet smelling clean new outfits used to be a treat and now that its turned into a hopeless necessity for surviving the cold weather, you find yourself wishing you could turn back the clock.

Is it unrealistic to yearn for these days of yore? Sure, you have more important things to worry about than your closet, but should everyone past a certain age not be allowed to partake in clothes shopping just because of money?By rarely updating your wardrobe you could be misrepresenting yourself, and frankly who doesn't like the way a new shirt feels? For some, fashion means the world. Everyone deserves something nice and new now and then, and if it can’t be a car or an apartment let it at least be a new outfit.

Summer Sale Away

High end stores, low end stores, and even thrift stores have one thing in common: they all have annual, monthly and even weekly sales. If you watch the tides carefully you’ll find some seasons suitable for sale-ing and others...not so much. Stores don’t start stocking up on next season’s clothes until they’ve sold the majority of what they already have. In a desperate attempt to make room for the bulky sweaters and tall boots, they slash prices on stores throughout the country. Now is a good time to stock up! Get Old Navy Coupons. You print the coupon and bring it into a participating Old Navy, proceed to stuff a tote with as much as you possibly can and receive a 30% discount on everything in the bag. While you’re stuffing your bag remind yourself that, even though you might want to wait for the fall collection to get what you need for that snowy day to come, it doesn't start getting very cold until the end of December. Buy a nice mid length skirt at Old Navy to mix with a sweater you already have to stay warm during those 60 degree days. Aim your winter shopping for Christmas sales.

Don't Leave Without Your Coupon

Do some research before you leave. Take a look at the store’s website to get a feel for what you might be shopping for. A lot of stores charge less online than they do at the store for the same shirt or skirt. If you bring this to the attention of the cashier you just might save a little money. Look up coupons on the internet before you leave. A lot of clothing coupons cover a lot of stores and you can’t really find them anywhere but on the internet so take a few minutes and check out our Coupon Code

Do Pick Favorites

Sign up for memberships at your favorite stores. You can sign up online or in the store, whenever you want, and free of charge. You’ll get notices in the mail and online about sales, coupons, and special discounts just for you. If you know you really want to buy a lot at one store, look into doing your shopping on the store’s website. A lot of stores offer free shipping with a membership and/or depending on how much you’ve spent as well as cheaper online prices and discounts. This way you don’t even have to spend money on gas!

Growing up, your parents probably never told you why you got so many clothes, but it was probably because they knew where to shop, when to shop, and how to shop. Now you do too!

Whether you love fashion or hate fashion now you have some tips to dress the way you want, hassle free.

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