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December-20-2012 Fashion

For a long time, women have packed up all their summer dresses and excluded them from their winter wardrobes, but now wearing sundresses in winter is a hot trend spreading from the streets to the workplace. There are two obvious reasons for this phenomenon and for you to follow it. Firstly, summer dresses make you look hot in the cold; while winter designs are quiet, chunky, and heavy, soft lightweight summer dresses will refresh and harmonize your winter outfit. Additionally, you will save more money by wearing summer dresses in winter. All you need is a few essential cozy items to accessorize your dresses. And if you buy summer dresses in winter, you can get them at incredibly low prices! Here are three simple but stylish ways to wear sundresses from season to season.

1.Jackets and Cardigans


Make a summer dress the bottom layer of your outfit, and then add a jacket or cardigan and you’re done! Layering is a simple and chic way to wear your summer dresses in winter. The various styles and colors of cardigans and jackets will winterize your dresses in different and interesting ways. Along with the oversized trend this winter, a chunky flyaway cardigan or an oversized boyfriend cardigan from the above Urban Outfitters clothing sets may be your best choice. They add the coziness while covering your undefined waist. As you can see, the combination of black, white, and red is always fashionable and never out-of-date; not to mention these are the trending colors this winter. Additionally, bold-colored sundresses are more suitable for winter wardrobes, but pastels and white are still wintery when we match them with dark items: black jacket with white dress, or white jacket with black and red dress. Use an Urban Outfitters coupon code to buy stylish cardigans and jackets at better prices, and then mix-and-match your own winter outfits!

2. Pullovers

Pullovers are an alternative to jackets and cardigans. Besides wearing them with skirts, you can wear them on top of your dress, and then the dress is transformed into a skirt! Oversized pullovers are must-have items for this style. You can also buy the sweetest sweaters at Urban Outfitters. Floral prints used to be excluded from winter wardrobes, but now they are the cutest addition a summer dress can make to your winter outfits. Therefore, buying more floral dresses would not be an excessive investment. In winter, sundresses are on mega-sale, so it’s the perfect time to add some new dresses to your wardrobe!

Source: Urbanoutfitters.com

3. Tights and Boots


Tights and boots will make you feel warm and look nice even if you are wearing a summer dress in the winter. Simple tights suit any type of dress while tights with impressive prints as shown above will match solid-colored dresses. Urban Outfitters’ new footwear collection for winter 2013 presents the hottest trends, including floral prints and studding in trendy colors. They are so fashionable! And if you love classic and elegant style, the DSW boots below are ideal at under $50 per pair! Use a DSW coupon code for even more savings.

Source: DSW.com

Fashion is amazing! As long as you know the tricks, you can play with it and overcome the limits of conventional thought. Fortunately, beautiful items are now more affordable for you to buy and show your unlimited creativity. more affordable for you to buy and show your unlimited creativity.

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