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December-10-2012 Fashion Christmas

As the weather becomes colder, make sure you have all the basics to carry you through the winter! Eight items every woman needs in her closetsthis winter are listed below for your consideration.

1. Warmly Dress Your Upper Body

First and foremost, in winter it is too cold for you to get anywhere without a thick winter coat. Choose a leather one that is long enough to look appropriate with a skirt or a warm wool one that is well mixed with a pair of jeans. They will bring you an elegant and stylish look. You can find a variety of coat styles at affordable prices at Urban Outfitters.

top Source: Urbanoutfitters.com, Kohls.com

Another must-have in your closet this winter isa cashmere or angora sweater. They give you an unmatched classic look together with a soft feel. They are a bit costly, but it is an investment that will last lifetime if they are taken care properly. These are fully functional items for layering to retain your body heat. Available in various designs and colors, these kinds of sweaters will keep you warm in winter. It is good idea to find a suitable Kohl’s promo code and get at least a dozen of these mainstays at attractive prices.

2. Warm but Stylish for Your Lower Body

During the rough weather of winter, jeans are absolutely a must-have item in your closet.  They will not only keep you warm and comfortable but alsocreate a fashionable look when they go with boots. You can find many cool jeans that fit you the best at 6pm.

Source: 6pm.com

In this cold weather, tights are another must-have item in any woman’s wardrobe. Opaque tights can add a stylish look to your outfit. For skirt and dress enthusiasts, a few pairs of thick wool tights will really work well when it is snowing out. Neutral colors like black, nude, and brown are essential as they go easily with other items. Take advantage of an Old Navy promo code to find a good selection of tights at the best prices. Creating the perfect combination of jeans and boots is the ultimate winter essential in your wardrobe. Boots serve the purpose of keeping your feet extra warm and dry without ruining your favorite jeans. In the wet and windy weather conditions, try suede boots or fur boots! In the slushy snow, hunter boots are a particularly good choice. Besides taking good care of your feet all winter long, they also keep you upright and stylish. You will find all you need for this winter’s basics at shoes stores like Converse.

Source: Converse.com

3. Cozy Up with Accessories

Headgear isalways on the list of winter basics for every woman. This accessory will warm you up and give a great addition of life and color this winter. Among all the different colors and designs, remember to go for the one that perfectly matches the other essentials in your closet! Scarves are anothermust-have in women’s closets this winter. Your nose, cheeks, and neck are comfortably warm when wrapped in a big cozy scarf. This is not only a must-have on windy days but also has the power to change your overall look. You can stock up on this accessory with a suitable Zulily promo code for the best prices. Source: Zulily.com

Last but not least, a pair of gloves will make a woman’s outfit more perfect this winter. Real leather gloves in bright colors will instantly spice up your simple coats. Much cuter than gloves, these days there are a wide variety of mittens such as classic, cable-knit, and fur mittens. Don’t let your fingers freeze in this chilly weather!Shop now and use a Threadless coupon code to enjoy the best deals.

Source: Threadless.com

You will be set to face any kind of bad weather this winter with the eight wardrobe basics I listed above. You can mix them up or match them with other items you have owned to stay cozy and in style. Shop now and brighten up this dull winter!  

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